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Golden Ammonite Fossil Set 4.5"

Golden Ammonite Fossil Set 4.5"

1 whole beautiful ammonite that was split in half and polished. Mined in Madagascar and about 110 million years old. These measure about 4.5 inches across and weigh 9 ounces. This was a living animal at one point! It has been crystallized by time and filled with energy. This particular set has a unique golden color. Often ammonite are brown and sometimes black.


The Ammonite is a powerful Earth healing force specializing in filtering & purifying energy through its spiral formation. They revilatlize and promote grounding and balance.  These fossils have been charged over eons and make popular household decor.

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    110 million year old Ammonite Fossil mined in Madagascar. Stands are not included. Fossils pictured are the exact set you will recieve. See video for better example. The ammonite is said to store eaons of charged energy and when placed in your household can filter and release positive energy through its segments.