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StoneBriar 12" Magic Wand

StoneBriar 12" Magic Wand

Stonebriar 12" Magic Wand. Made of Grapevine Branch, Labradorite, Twine, dusted with pulverized Feldspar Quartz and inlaid with Garnet thorns. Garnet balances energy and brings serenity or passion, depending on need. Labradorite enhances your aura, conciousness, and psychic abilities. Perfect for witches or occultists concerned with the ways of the heart. Take care when using this wand for love, as rose have thorns.


Comes with a display box with slide lock and handle. Take care as these wands are delicate and intended to be displayed and held gently, not as weapons or props. Wands may be heavier than they appear.


    Magic wands are handmade of natural components by artist Brian Petitti. Each one is unique and one of a kind. Boxes are manufactured by other companies.


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