Cosmic Sky
The Run

The Run

The Run 8' x 8" oil on canvas.


The storm area 51 event was a highlight of 2019 for memes. I saw people from all over the world come together and have fun from this FB event that got out of control. It was hysterical. Such a break and relief from people vitroly arguing politics. And the build up was tremendous. Was it actually gonna go down? Where people really gonna storm Area 51? Then people started posting pics in the desert. Leading up to the 20th was a frenzy.


The event itself went down without incident and the memes where epic. Elixer did the Naruto run behind a reporter and it in some crazy way legitimized the event, it was the feather in the cap. I felt it was a moment defintely worth preserving with art. A lot of people may not get it, but for those who do, you're true individuals of culture.


I posted The Run on Reddit. It was instantly popular. People loved it and shared it from there. It was a very fun and unique experience and I'm glad people enjoyed my contribution to the party.

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